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Deering Banjo: The Boston

Deering Banjos at Young America Music

For parking lot picking the Boston rings out loud and clear.

The thick steel rim [which is unique to the Deering line] produces a sound similar to a bronze tonering and enables you to get a much more affordable banjo.

The Boston provides exceptional tone, which is far superior to the tone of the die-cast brass tone-rings or aluminum rims of the imports.

Hey, playing is always more fun when you enjoy the sound of your banjo!

The Boston has the same adjustable mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, mother-of-pearl dot inlays, and satin finish as the higher-priced Sierra. The primary difference is in the drum assembly which is a 3/16″ thick steel rim but rings like a tone-ring. The 24-piece flange and steel rim give you a very bright, sparkling, crisp tone. We use high quality sealed guitar-style tuners because they provide a 6:1 gear ratio for accuracy in tuning. The fifth peg is geared as well.

The 24-piece flange design allows you to convert this banjo to open-back by removing the flange pieces and resonator.

You’ll progress much faster and enjoy playing more with a Boston compared to a lower priced import that’s hard to play. The Boston banjo makes playing easier because the banjo works with you, not against you.

The Deering Boston Banjo Features:

  • American Made
  • Tropical American Mahogany
  • Slender Deering Neck Shape
  • 3/16″ Steel Rim, 24-Piece Flange
  • Geared Tuners
  • Nickel Plated
  • Satin Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

Deering Banjo: Sierra at YAMS

Deering Sierra Banjo at Young America MusicThe Deering Sierra is an Heirloom Quality handmade Banjo at an affordable price – and even MORE affordable when pruchased through Young America Music!

  • Tuned G D G B D
  • Genuine Deering 06 Bronze Tone Ring
  • Three ply Maple Rim
  • One piece cast resonator flange
  • Mahagony neck and resonator
  • Satin finish on the nexk and resonator
  • Ebony fingerboard for durability
  • two way adjustable truss rod in teh nexkl
  • Mother of pearl dot position markers
  • Geared 5″ string tuner
  • Deering 5″ planetary tuner
  • Nickel plated
  • Handmade in Spring Valley, CA
  • Lifetime warranty

Deering Banjo: Vega Woodsongs Longneck

Deering Banjos are legendary for their quality. Handmade in America, they all come with a lifetime warranty when purchased through Young America Music.

Come by the store and check out all the Deering Banjos in stock at YAMS!


  • Tuned E, B, E, G#, B for popular folk music
  • 25 frets; scale length 32 ΒΌ”
  • Traditional Vega peghead shape
  • Vega name in white on peghead
  • Special vine and leaf Woodsongs design on peghead
  • Mahogany neck with satin finish
  • Ebony fingerboard for durability
  • Mother of pearl dot inlays on the fingerboard
  • Slender, fast, comfortably shaped neck
  • Exclusive Deering tuners
  • New fully adjustable Deering tailpiece
  • Elegantly sculpted armrest
  • Multi-ply maple openback rim
  • Shiny black 11″ high crown head
  • Nickel plated
  • Handmade in California, USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Young America Music School – Macon and Middle Georgia’s best music store!

Deering Banjos at YAMS

Deering Banjos @ YAMS

Deering Banjos are in stock – we have several models in stock and ready to play. We usually keep the lower-priced but still excellent-sounding Deering Goodtime series in stock, and also have several of the higher-end models.

You really have to hear the difference a Deering makes! Call or come by and check out the YAMS special pricing!