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Piano Books (Yeah, I just want to bang on the keys all day)

Need piano books? We’ve got them! We have an excellent selection of books from the Faber & Faber series of piano methods for several age ranges.

We also have a great selection from the venerable John Thompson piano method. You really need to swing by the store and see what’s in stock – a very usable selection!

Come by and take a look at Young America Music – Middle Georgia’s best music store

Drum Books (Yes, I want to bang on a drum all day)

Drumming book at YAMS, Macon's best music store

Hey, drummers – need to learn how to play? We have a GREAT selection of books covering a variety of styles that can help YOU master the art of the drums.

We also have an excellent drum teacher – Mark Williams (of the Joey Stuckey Band, the Mosely Dixon Project, and others….) who can help you learn to play much faster.

So come on by the store and see what we’ve got in stock. Things are always changing at YAMS [Middle Georgia's best music store].