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Christmas is coming – you need some music!


Christmas is coming, and you need some Christmas music! YAMS has a great selection for all sorts of instruments and all sorts of skill levels. Learning new music is a LOT more entertaining than watching TV – and it’s cheap, too!

Come on by the store and check out all the music at YAMS – Macon and middle Georgia’s best music store!


Inexpensive Music notation Software

Emmett ran across MusEdit when looking for music notation software for his bmusic class book, and loved it so much decided to carry it in the store! Musedit is amazingly powerful for the price, and makes it easy to write music, especially for fretted instruments

Come by the store and check it out!

What MusEdit is for

What MusEdit can do

How to use MusEdit

musedit - music notation software at YAMS, middle Georgia's best music store

MusEdit - easy music notation for Windows at YAMS

Music Music Music @ YAMS

Have you got the music in you? Well, we’ve got music on the shelves! (OK – enough with the bad puns…..).

Come by and see what we have in stock – and ask Emmett if there’s something you’d like to order!

YAMS has music for all instruments – band methods, piano music, guitar music, bass music, Piano methods….. my fingers would wear out trying to type in the entire list. (…and don’t forget you can also order music online).

Bari composite woodwind reeds

These synthetic reeds are great! They outlast cane reeds by 200 times – but certainly don’t cost 200 time more than cane reeds! Professionals all over swear by the composites – come on by and try them out! We have the Bari reeds for clarinet, and several of the saxes.