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Boss Micro BR digital recorder

Boss Micro BR digital Recorder

Now at YAMS:

the Boss digital recording studio in your pocket”,

at a ridiculously low YAMS price.

The MicroBR from Boss is a 4 track digital recorder that also includes a drum machine and builtin effects unit. This thing can record 2 tracks at a time, stashes the files on an SD card (a 127mb card is included, as are the batteries, which should last you about 6 hours), and can even play (nad record) MP3 files – as well as the standard WAV files.

Think about it – you can load in a guitar riff from an MP3 file, slow it down using the time stretch effect, and learn the riff at a slower pace.

The whole box is only 5 3/8″ by 3 3/16″ by 7/8″.

…oh, and although it can “only” record 4 tracks, each track can have up to 8 “takes” – so you can have 32 takes in each song, which can then pick and choose for the best production. This box also has a USB port, so you can drag-n-drop your audio into the computer for further editing.

….and it ALSO has a built-in microphone AND a tuner.

You really need to come see this thing.

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Zoom H2 – new to YAMS

Zoom H2 portable recorder

Click to see a detailed closeup

Just arrived at YAMS – the Zoom H2 handheld recorder. This unit is great for recording stuff around the house, around the neighborhood, in your car – anywhere! The built-in mics sound pretty good, and since the thing is digital you have great sound quality. You can plug external mics into it for even better quality, and it has a USB port so you can transfer your recording to your computer for editing and burning to a CD.

Want some free ways to edit audio? Check out Audacity. After editing your tracks – deleting the stuff you DON’T want – You can then drag your tracks into iTunes – also free – and burn your CD from there.