Welcome to Young America Music Schools!

Personal connections. Family-owned and operated. A wide array of instruments, lessons, repair options, and more. Relaxed atmosphere that embraces any student, active musician, or recreational player. And located right next to I-475.

Welcome to Young America Music School (YAMS for short), the best music store in Macon, Ga.! We’re here to provide the absolute top-quality experience you could ask for. “Yeah, yeah, everyone says that” you might say – so allow us to provide a few reasons why giving us a chance is worth it!

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Gerald Madison left Young America Music School a 5-star review on Google for being the best music store in Macon, Ga.

Some of the ways we’re different:

  • We’ve always been local, since our inception in 1990
  • Lessons are offered for everything from guitar and piano to Suzuki violin, dobro, and mandolin … with many more options for any budding musician or total beginner! See the full list here, or if you’re new to the music scene, this guide to music lessons is for you.
  • 200+ students currently take lessons on a weekly basis
  • We are literally right off exit 9 on I-475 on Zebulon Road, providing an easy drive no matter where you’re coming from
  • Repairs don’t cost something ridiculous.
  • Neither do our instrument rental programs.
  • We host musician get-togethers, host concerts, and more to provide a full experience and bring like-minded, musically-inclined folks together
  • In-house music store to cover many other music-related needs

Can we provide a warm welcome and friendly help for what you’re looking for today?

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Or, learn more about music lessons, instrument repairs, or rentals.

And you can always drop by at 6361 Zebulon Road. We’re ready to help and will make sure your valuable time is well-spent, whether you’re peppering us with questions about various instruments, talking shop, or having an instrument services.