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We offer expert instruction on a variety of instruments! Let us know what you’d like to learn more about or any questions you may have, and we’ll be happy to help.\

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A personal favorite of YAMS founder Emmett Young! This instrument has been used in hits from The Eagles and Led Zeppelin, though it’s most commonly known in bluegrass and country music.

The banjo is thought to have originated from a variety of West African instruments, such as the akonting and ngoni. You can read more about it here.

Strum a new tune with a distinctive feel with our banjo lessons for all skill levels and ages.

We offer banjo lessons along with many others, such as ukelele, drum, horn, mandolin, cello, and more!


The classically-based cello has played a major role in music throughout many centuries, from its invention in the 16th century to Beethoven (though Mozart apparently hated it!) to more modern-day players such as Yo-Yo Ma and 2Cellos.

The cello is considered to be easier to learn than some other stringed instruments, such as the violin, because of the natural positions your body has to be in to play it.

Contact us about cello lessons and how to get started!


One of the most versatile – and longstanding, with history dating back to prehistoric times – instruments is the drum. Used in nearly all genres in some fashion, and having been seen on battlefields, art exhibits, and even in communication, the drum has many stories to go with it!

If you want to take drum lessons, whether with a more modern setup (snares, bass, cymbals, etc.) or something more hands-on (bongos, for instance), let us know and we’ll be happy to help!


There are many horns, but most commonly the phrase “horn” references the French horn. Typically seen in jazz, classical, and orchestra contexts, the horn was more like a bugle until valves were introduced to its design in the 18th century.

Horn lessons of all types are available here at Young America Music Schools, so if that’s your preferred note than we’re happy to help!


Mandolin lessons are among the many available options at Young America Music Schools. We also offer ukelele, banjo, horn, cello, and much more!

If you don’t know how awesome the mandolin can be, this list of 10 awesome mandolin songs is probably a great starting point. From Led Zeppelin to R.E.M. to the Grateful Dead (and even on American Idol), the mandolin brings spice to any genre!

Think mandolin lessons are for you? We have expert teachers ready to help, so contact us today to get started or with any questions!


The ukulele has become far more popular of late, thanks to moments like on America’s Got Talent. This is a bit different from maybe the song you’re most familiar with (from your childhood, anyway…), “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

No matter where you first heard it, the ukulele is a one-of-a-kind instrument that’s on the upswing. We can help with picking the right instrument, ukulele lessons, or even repairs – just let us know how we can help!

Ukulele lessons are just one things we offer at YAMS - repairs, expert advice, and more are all here!

Other lessons

Orchestra, other woodwinds, and other lessons are also available! If you have an interest in expanding your repertoire (or simply starting new!) then contact us to ask about available options!

You may also be interested in our instrument repairs and rentals.