Guitar Lessons

What first got you interested in guitar? It’s a question that comes up often, because it can shape what you play, style of preferred music, and even preferred teaching style with guitar lessons!

Guitar lessons for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars are quite popular here at Young America Music Schools!

No matter if you’re looking to learn for the first time or have been playing for years, our staff of professionals – and we mean has real experience playing for people, not just teaching – can help.

Crush an electric solo, wow anyone with your acoustic skills, drive an entire song forward on bass … no matter what you prefer, from dobro to classical (or in-between), you’re welcome here.

From picking the right instrument (steel strings or nylon? What brand(s) should I trust?) to bolstering your skills and growing … you’re in the right place!

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Want to get started? Contact us today, or read answers to frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take to learn guitar?

For total beginners, it varies depending on how much practice you’re willing to put in, but you’ll get the foundational aspects quickly. For those are self-taught, there may be an initial adjustment period, but we expect you’ll see improvement fast!

Is it hard to learn the guitar?

Everyone learns differently. Sometimes, it can be challenging picking up an instrument and learning from scratch without help. That’s why our professional instructors, with years of experience playing and teaching, are great for any beginner!

How long should I practice guitar?

Practice allows you to drill key concepts from lessons, and teach your body the right positioning to play well. We recommend at least 30 minutes a day, but your teacher can give you a more personal schedule that fits your typical week!

Did you know?

We also offer repairs, rentals, and other music lessons. Don’t hesitate to check them out!