Violin Lessons

Did you know violin lessons lend themselves to more than a few genres?

Sure, it’s most often associated with a concierto, orchestra, or smaller group such as a string quartet – and many famous violinists have been known for their solo acts, as well.

But you’ll find the acoustics of a violin in so much more: rock, country, hip hop, and blue just to name a few.

Violin lessons at Young America Music School are for all skill levels and ages!

If you’re looking to learn this versatile instrument, we’re here to help.

Suzuki Violin

While this is a common term, the Suzuki violin actually isn’t a different type of instrument – it’s a different teaching style. It involves a lot more parental involvement and focus at home to accentuate learning found in lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to learn violin?

Not with a good teacher! From proper positioning of your wrist, fingers, and shoulder to reading music, you’ll build all the fundamentals needed to start playing violin well in no time.

How many hours a day should I practice violin?

We recommend 30 minutes a day as a good starting point, but your teacher can give you a schedule that’s right for you!

Is violin music good for the brain?

Yes – because any music training is good for the brain! We have a couple of links to sources on our music lessons page if you want to know more.